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Weston Imer is a Republican Political Consultant and Advisor based in Denver, Colorado. He is the Chapter President and founder of the Turning Point USA, Jefferson County Activism Hub, a local chapter he founded for homeschoolers and high school students in the west metro area of Colorado. Weston is also the Youth Ambassador for The Calling, a non-profit helping kids and families reach and find their God-given gifts and talents, run by Chrysandra Brunson. In November of 2020, Weston started his first business in the Political Industry, Prodigy Consulting Group, LLC where he currently serves as Founder and CEO. As well as starting his own business, he serves as Director and Secretary on the Pleasant View Colorado Water and Sanitation District Board.

Weston was the youngest ever serving Co-Chair of a Presidential Campaign in US History. At 12 years old he was named Co-Chair of Jefferson County, CO (Colorado's 2nd most populous county) for the Donald J. Trump Campaign. Weston worked on the Trump Campaign for four years, building relationships with the staff of the Campaign and the first family itself. Weston was on escort teams for Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson, and Governor Mary Fallon.


Weston is now 18 years old and continues to be politically active, as a Political Consultant and Advisor in Colorado. In 2020, Weston served as an Intern on President Trump's Re-Election campaign as well as Campaign Manager for the Laurel Imer for HD24 campaign in Jefferson County Colorado. He also served as an Aide for Steve Barlock's 2018 campaign for Colorado Governor and Sr. Advisor to Mark Barrington and his Congressional District 7 Campaign in 2018. Weston also had the honor of serving in the office of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert during her first year in office. 

In 2022 he served as Campaign Manager at Laurel Imer for Congress and is finishing his flight training in Colorado as he remains active in the Political landscape. Weston was sworn in as Director on the Pleasant View Colorado Water Sanitation District Board on May 4th, 2022. He is hoping to follow in his grandfather's shoes by serving his home community of Pleasant View as their representative on the Water and Sanitation Board.


If you want to stay in touch with Weston, please follow him on the social media accounts below.


All Press inquiries: please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your inquiries!

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Director, Pleasant View Water and Sanitation District Board
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